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Domestic House-keeping is a house and management craftsman trade. The duration of the trade is six months with one semester. Housekeeping is a management of duties and chores such as running of a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, bill pay and the like other house works. Trade is an important in offering many household jobs to candidates after its successful passing. Trade is very good in service sectors. After passing trade, students with good academic record can go for higher studies like Diploma and Bachelor Degree courses.


Domestic House-keeping Trade Eligibility

  • The minimum educational qualification for this trade is 10th class pass examination from a recognized school board in the country.
  • Domestic House-keeping Trade Required Skills
    • Students should be known of cleaning rooms and other interior and outside areas; and maintaining guest rooms.
    • They should be able to replenish cleaning supplies and paper products in rest rooms; and understanding of maintaining rooms in a clean and presentable fashion.
    • They also should be known of able to give accurate room service to guests along with understanding of operating cleaning equipment.


    How is Domestic House-keeping Trade Beneficial?

    • After passing trade, they can have jobs in as maids and housekeeping cleaners in houses and other the like places.
    • After passing the trade they can go for further higher degree courses such as Diploma and Bachelor Degrees.
    • They can also have jobs in hotels, restaurants and child-care places.


    Domestic House-keeping Trade Job Types

    • Housekeeping Assistant Manager
    • Housekeeping Associate
    • Receptionist
    • Housekeeping Executive
    • Housekeeping Attendant