Craftsman Training Scheme

The Craftsman Training Scheme was introduced by government of India in 1950 to ensure a steady flow of skill workers in different trades for the domestic Industries, to raise quantitative Industrial Production by systematic training, to reduce unemployment among the educated youth by providing them employable training, to cultivate and nurture a technical and industrial attitude in the minds of younger generation. The scheme, most important in the field of vocational training, has been shaping Craftsmen to meet the existing as well as future manpower need, through the vast network of ITIs in the state. The day-to-day administration of ITI under the Craftsman Training Scheme was transferred to State Government with effect from the year 1956.

  • Present Status Of Institute In Mumbai Region
Sr No Type Of ITI No. Of Govt Institute No. Of Private Institute
1 General 49 39
2 Tribal 10 0
3 Women 3 0
4 Ashramshala 3 0
5 Minority 2 0
Total 67 39


  • Present Status Of Intake and Admission In Mumbai Region
Sr No Type Of Institute No. Of ITI Intake(2019) Admission(2019)
1 Govt ITI 67 16308 14228
2 Private ITI 39 4140 2489
Total 106 20448 16717