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Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, Maharashtra State District Vocational Education Office, Mumbai City
Email dveto.mumbaicity@dvet.edu.in
Phone 9567456345
About - Govt Industrial Training Institute (Women)Dadar
Govt Industrial Training Institute (Women)Dadar is established in the year 1984. It is one of the renowned Industrial Training Institute foe women. We Conduct  Nine  Vocational Courses and having intake capacity of 432 students. It is well organized and located in Heart of the Mumbai City i.e. Dadar. The Nine Courses we conducted are as follows :
  1. Basic Cosmetology
  2. Computer Operator And Programming Assistant
  3. Dress Making
  4. Electronics Mechanic
  5. Fashion Design and Technology
  6. Information and Communication Technology System Maintenance
  7. Interior Design and Decoration
  8. Painter General
  9. Secretarial Practice
 The Institute is specially designed to develop vocational skills of women so that they can contribute the development of Nation. 
1. Dress Making 2 40
2. Fashion Designing & Technology 2 40
3. Secretarial Practice 1 24
4. Basic Cosmetology 2 48
5. Interior  Decoration & Design 1 24
6. Computer Operator & Programming Assistant 3 72
7. Electronic Mechanic 2 48
8. Information & Communication Technology System 2 48
9. Painter General 1 20
Address :

374,5 th  floor,Veer Savarkar Marg, Near Sahakari Bhandar

Agar Bazar, Dadar (West), Mumbai 400028

 Contact Number : 022-24368581

                                                                                           Email :     iti.dadarg@dvet.gov.in                 dadar_g@yahoo.com

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About Principal

Mrs. N.K.Maraskolhe

Due to the rapid Industrialization that our country is witnessing, the demand for skilled work force is increasing day by day. With 65 % of our population below 35 years of age, we are on way to become industrial superpower provided we tap this demographic dividend properly. The need of the hour is to appropriately train our work force equipping them with skills of the highest quality. We at Industrial training institute for Women, Dadar are trying our best to make a contribution to this cherished cause. It has been designated with an objective of strengthening the qualitative and quantitative needs of training for women. To ensure a steady flow of skilled workers in different trades for the industry. To raise the quality and quantity of industrial production by the systematic training of workers. To reduce unemployment among educated youth to promote self employment. Our Vision is to  promote training in technical fields for women through the establishment of specific training programmes should include personal development and life skills training modules and literacy training.

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